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    Welcome to Foshan Shuang Hu Curtain Wall Co.,Ltd, enquiry hotline 188 2323 2301

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    National consultation hotline: 188 2323 2301


    telephone: 188 2323 2301

    National consultation hotline: 188 2323 2301

    National enquiry hotline: 188 2323 2301

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    Hotline: 188 2323 2301


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    • Publish custom requirements

      The customer service will contact you within 1 hours.

    • Customer service detailed communication

      We send business representatives to communicate with you in good faith.

    • Professional team design

      Designer free of charge for your room design, good quotations.

    • Contract of signing

      Sign supply contract, advance payment, arrange production.

    • Access to service support

      After delivery and installation, you will receive a five year service guarantee.

    Guangdong province Foshan City Shishan town Industrial Park, block C, head of Guan Zhu Yuan

    188 2323 2301 0757-66820988
    188 2323 2301 Service Time:8:00-18:00